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First time participate. Went to pick up site.

To find a clear bag with my name on it to find this in it. Im confused. Is this normal? I know the saying "baggers can't be choosers" but, I have a 13 yr boy and 8 yr old girl.

I seen people walking out with board games. Remote control cars. Barbies. How do they decide who gets what?

Any input? Des Moines Iowa!

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Get something for free and complain about the service ; typical entitled welfare *** You can afford to pop out babies but you can't take care of them. Shame upon you.

If the kid's that old, how do you feed and clothe him/her ? You can't afford a lousy board game but I'd bet Dollars to Doughnuts you have a cell phone.

to Anonymous #1609507

It is irrelevant as to why people can't buy their children presents. The shame is on Toys for Tots for not living up to their charter and poorly managing this charity and that is so unfortunate.

The individuals who operate this charity are making such bad decisions I have to wonder why? They had problems a few years ago and non of the donated money actually went to the kids. Seems the man at the tops embezzled all of the donations. SHAME ON THEM.

I gave them money this year and i'll never do it again. Now this may not seem so bad on behalf of the charity but it is yet another example of poor decision making with the money. I went to my local Walmart and saw Toys for Tots giving pens and key chains, etc to people who donated. What a WASTE of money.

These items cost money, I don't care how little or how much. People who donate don't need pens and key chains and I doubt that a pen or key chain would inspire people to donate if they didn't want to in the first place. This gave me pause to think that- whoever made this decision obviously didn't think it through, unless they have a buddy who is making money from the purchase of these useless items. It's not about people being "entitled", they only expect what they are told they will be given, that they will receive certain benefits from this charity.

Then they are understandably disappointed when they get half hearted results. They are looking forward to getting something nice for their child and then get *** This charity promises to provide toys to kids who would not otherwise get them This is the PURPOSE of Toys for Tots. Where is this charity's conscience? I so do appreciate our men and women who selflessly serve our country.

But giving them toys from Toys for Tots is not right! Shame on them! Serving the country should not be a free for all to take from this charity. If you want to give our service families free toys, then have a charity that specifically gives toys to our service family's and many people will give and be happy with it.

Again, with all due respect to our brave Marines, they should not be taking toys from Toys for Tots unless that is a part of the charities stated purpose- and I don't think it is. What is the CHARTER for Toys for Tots?

I want to see it! And what is with this "Pissed Consumer" *** Just another example of an attitude which believes that, because they are operating a charity, they get to do whatever they want and anyone who complains is just a "consumer" We are not CONSUMERS you idiots, we are DONORS!


Looks like you got in at the end, and they they only had younger kids stuff left, and *** cheap stuffed animals.

Kind of like being last in line at the free food pantry, and getting a bag with a turnip, an expired box of pablum, and a can of cat food without the label.


I did not have a good experience with Toys for Tots. First of all, I never received notification as to when to pick up the toys.

When I called they said they had been "short-changed on toys for my grandchildren's age range. But they did have a puzzle for the youngest one.

But it had to be picked up by noon. That would have required me to take off work with no pay.


Sadly yes, this is typical.

People give the cheapest junk they can. Because a lot of times they will get free tickets to a sporting event in exchange for a toy or their place of employment is having a toy drive at work and they contribute for appearance sake.

Not because they care.

Or the believe that 50 dollar store toys are better than 5 durable toys.

Plus the Marine reserve staff will take the toys they want for their families.

It used to be a good program but now it’s just cheap crap from the dollar store or oriental trading.

People pat themselves on the back like they are so graciously helping when in fact they have crushed a kids dreams. It’s sad.

to Characters #1575814

Don't blame others for crushing your kid's dreams. You let them down obviously unable to provide for them like you should. Shame on you.

to Anon #1598578

Dude you are so *** hateful! SHAME ON YOU.

You don’t know this person or the life they are living. You *** troll.

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