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I am in the SAME BOAT! I signed up my neighbors boys ages 8 & 5. We live in Springfield, MO.

They had us turn in a wishlist from each child. It doesn’t specify how much is allowed for each child or give you a guideline. I turned in all the info (they wanted a great LEGO set each, some books & they both wanted a bicycle & a couple of board games) I thought maybe they would get 1 nice gift each-I figured that the bikes wouldn’t happen but it was worth a shot!

Last week on our local 5 o’clock news, they showed big cargo trucks unloading gifts to the T4T warehouse & things like bicycle’s, XBOX game consoles, board games, etc. Loads of amazing gifts, so I was hopeful!

When I showed up yesterday to get their presents, I was even more excited! They had gigantic black lawn trash bags overflowing with gifts! Yeahhh! I thought OMG! This is exciting & how am I going to carry something like that!

When they handed me our bag, it was a gigantic bag that had 7 $1 tree items in it! For both boys! I said “Is this for 2 children or is their another bag?” “This is it, Merry Christmas!” When I got to the car & opened it, I CRIED! It’s the toys you get & when you open them they fall apart! The poor Mom was so devastated too! She said they couldn’t do 1 nice gift for my babies? She said I feel bad enough that their father is M.I.A. & doesn’t help at all, & my job doesn’t pay more right now! But to give them these gifts knowing when they go to school, they are going to hear about how great Santa was to their peers!?

She was crying she’s so sick over it. I feel awful because I told her what a great organization it is! Maybe it is if your last name starts with the letter “A”! They give everything out based on last names. But it seems unfair? Why not spread around the good gifts mixed in with the $1 stuff? Just devastated & now I don’t know what to do for her!

T4T’s is a NOT in my book.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hopefully that mom has decided to cease all reproduction activities and will never date a bad boy loser again.


You get what you pay for.


Instead of being some sort of entitled *** why not cancel your internet and use that money to buy your neighbor's kids what they want.


When I was younger I would have been happy with most of those toys. Why I still would be happy with the dart blaster and I am 17.


Kids don't care as long as they get something. Instead of complaining about the "horrible" and "thoughtless"gifts you got, be happy they got something.


We volunteered for a toy distribution one year, (not having children, it was our way of being able to see the smiling faces). Shocked, disappointed, ashamed and angry that "most" of the volunteers actually took the good toys and set them aside for themselves!!!.

Then they put together boxes with the "leftovers" .

One lady actually admitted that she "volunteers" just to get the good toys, which she then sells on ebay!!! If it wasn't in a church, and with witnesses, I would have punched her in the face.


You would not have done so without witnesses and church. Only talk big.


I said the same thing ! The volunteers the good stuff and leave the people who sign up with leftovers. So sad.


I don't know about you but some of those gifts are really nice. That Aquaman action figure is probably about $20 alone.

The football is nice. Sure the rest looks cheap but they can certainly have hours of fun with it and it's great that they got anything at all!


Wow you sound like an absolutely horrible, despicable person. So rather than these kids getting nothing for Christmas, you think it’s so much worse for them to get these gifts?

What a sense of entitlement on you. Did I see a microscope in the pile of toys you got??

And you have the audacity to complain about a sack full of free toys? How about not signing up next year, leave more toys for families that will actually appreciate them.

Dawn M

What a sense of entitlement. Kids are just happy to get anything.

Upset because her friends got more? hey life is unfair.


I've never heard a mother who is unable to provide for their child..complain about FREE gifts. These are DONATED items...thank goodness other moms and dads took the time to give them to "toys for tots" without receiving a dime.

Whether big..inexpensive..or not. How ungrateful many unprivileged kids would have loved every one of those gifts..and I pray that isn't what you have pictures because these are AWESOME GIFTS.

I have to question what u would have done it the program wasn't available?? Yes please never sign up again..more toys for others.

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